Monthly Herbal Meetup Announced

Beginning in March, we will be starting a new monthly herbal meetup. Taking place the first Tuesday of every month, this herbal networking event will be open to all members of the Christian Herbalist Guild. Whether you are a professional herbalist, a student of herbal medicine, or simply use herbs for yourself and your family, you are welcome to join us for these monthly herbal meetups.

During these monthly herbal meetups, you will get to know your fellow Christian herbalists, build up a referral network, share your knowledge as well as learn from others, and have fellowship with likeminded men and women. It is the goal of the Christian Herbalist Guild to build a network of Christian Herbalists dedicated to helping comfort those who suffer in the name of Christ while building His Kingdom.

Monthly Meetup, First Tuesday of Every Month – 7 PM EST Via Zoom

Join us as we spend an hour together once per month, getting to know one another and learning from one another. You do not need to be a professional herbalist to join this networking event, but you must be a member of the Christian Herbalist Guild.

Learn more about our monthly herbal meetups here.

Monthly Herbal Meetup

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