Christian Herbal Meetup Event

Join us on the first Tuesday of every month for a live Christian herbal meetup. Use this monthly event to support your fellow herbalists, build up a referral network, share your knowledge, learn from others, pray with likeminded herbal and wellness practitioners, and make new friends.

Live Monthly Christian Herbal Networking Meetups

It is time for Christian herbalists to come together as brothers and sisters in Christ, for the glory of God’s Kingdom, and for service to others. As ambassadors of the Kingdom, you have been called to bring healing to the nations in Christ’s name — answer the call and join for this monthly Christian herbal networking meetup.

Next Meetup: Tuesday May 6th – 7 PM EST Via Zoom

Join us for a live herbal networking event. We will spend an hour together once per month getting to know one another and learning from one another. Help grow the community of Christian Herbalists and alternative wellness practitioners. You do not need to be a professional herbalist to join this networking event, but you must be a member of the Christian Herbalist Guild.

Become a member and join the Christian Herbalist Guild today!

Christian herbal networking event

The Christian Herbalist Guild provides you with a safe and supportive environment in which to grow as an herbalist amongst other Christians. Through education, networking opportunities, and professional advancement, the CHG can help you prosper in the field of herbal medicine without having to compromise or hide your faith.

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