Annual Christian Herbalist Guild Conference

Every August the Christian Herbalist Guild hosts a conference dedicated to promoting holistic herbal medicine within the Christian Community. The goal of the CHG is to provide you with support in your journey into herbal medicine. The CHG does this in numerous ways, including: education workshops, networking opportunities, professional support, and the Annual Christian Herbalist Guild Conference.

Each year we choose a different theme to focus on. The conferences are held online via zoom so that all can attend. The annual Christian Herbalist Guild conference is FREE for members of the CHG, and offered at a reasonable fee to non-members. Each year the conference is recorded so that you can watch it at your convenience. The video and audio recordings from the previous year’s conferences are still available for viewing and purchase.

Annual Christian Herbalist Guild Conference Themes

Annual Christian Herbalist Guild Conference

NOTE: Members of the Christian Herbalist Guild have FREE access to the Conference. However, members must still register for the conference. To do so, please login to your account and go to the Conference 2023 page for information on how to register for FREE.

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