Southern Folk Medicine Workshop: Tongue Assessment

Join Christian Clinical Naomi Kilbreth to learn how to assess a person’s imbalance by observing the tongue in this Southern Folk Medicine Workshop. Naomi is a registered herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild and has been practicing clinical herbalist since 2018.

In this Southern Folk Medicine Workshop you will learn:

  • Tongue mapping
  • How the six tissue states of western herbalism fit the picture
  • The body types according to Southern Folk Medicine
  • Common signs
  • Oral care in general
  • How to put it all together

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What: Southern Folk Medicine Workshop: Tongue Assessment

When: Saturday July 27 – Noon EST

Where: Online via Zoom – Link to be Provided

Cost: $19 for non-members (Free for members of the Christian Herbalist Guild)

NOTE: Members of the Christian Herbalist Guild have FREE access to the Workshop. However, members must still register for the workshop. To do so, please login to your account and go to the Member Only Workshop Page and click on the Upcoming Workshops page for information on how to register for FREE.

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Southern Folk Medicine Workshop: Tongue Assessment
Tongue Assessment Workshop

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About Naomi

Hi there! My name is Naomi Kilbreth, and I am a Christian Clinical Herbalist, registered with the AHG, and a member of the Christian Herbalist Guild. I have been working with herbs since my first born arrived into the world in 2006, and opened my clinical practice in 2018, which now includes consultations, an apothecary for clients, a free podcast, mentorship opportunities, and occasional classes! I live offgrid in rural Maine with my husband and our four kids, nearly all teenagers! You can learn more about my education and what I offer by visiting

The CHG was founded in 2023 as an educational and networking organization for Christian Herbalists and their clients. Thus, the guild is dedicated to promoting and supporting Christians who are interested in herbalism and alternative medicine. The CHG’s primary goal is to promote the professional and safe use of herbs from a Christian perspective.