Author Suzanne Shires Speaking at the Christian Herbalist Conference

Homesteader and author Suzanne Shires will speaking at the 2023 annual Christian Herbalist Guild conference on the topic of wildcraftiing, Foraging, and Biblical Preparedness.

Who is Suzanne Shires?

Homesteader, Herbalist, and Author Suzanne Upton

Author Suzanne Shires is a North Carolina native homesteader, and master herbalist. She calls the Blue Ridge her home. Suzanne grew up in a large family with acres of gardens, preserving food as naturally as possible. She began canning with her mother at seven years old and learned sustainability from ‘mountain folk’ grandparents.

Being among the first generation in her family to be born in a hospital, she grew up with mountain remedies and found ways to heal from the plants and customs of Appalachia. Over the years she began a serious education into herbalism and whole food nutrition, including foraging edible plants and medicines, fermenting, winemaking, finding nutrition and flavor in wild foods, as well as homemade vinegars, seasonings and herbal remedies.

Suzanne’s homestead is a hodgepodge of heirloom vegetables, herb gardens, fruit orchards, fields of herbs, chickens and the occasional goat, for suited for living a sustainable lifestyle.

Books by Author Suzanne Shires

Suzanne Shires is the author of Wild Herb Gardening and Wild Things from Beyond the Garden Gate.  She created Go Forage! Games, a series of fun, factual herbal learning games for herbalists, homeschoolers and anyone interested in plant knowledge.  She readily passes on her foraging, harvesting, and preserving abilities, teaching others about how to find foods and medicinal plants in nature and maintaining health with diet and herbal remedies.

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