Meet Christian Clinical Herbalist Mindy Capello CHGp

Join us as we congratulate clinical herbalist Mindy Capello on becoming the first Christian Clinical Herbalist to be registered with the Christian Herbalist Guild. Mindy is a knowledgeable and faithful herbalist at Herba Remedium, based in Bellevue NE.

Christian Clinical Herbalist

When asked about her practice, Mindy states: “I perform my duties to glorify Christ. I pray for opportunities to witness to clients, which has actually happened. Clients of mine can be assured that my practice is grounded in a Biblical world view.”

Mindy has attended numerous herbal schools and workshops. She has worked with over 400 clients in her career, amounting vast experience working with clients in a clinical setting. She will be leading a two-part clinical skills workshop for the Christian Herbalist Guild this month, February 17 & 24, 2024.

Join us in congratulating Mindy in attaining this honor of being the first registered Christian Clinical Herbalist CHGp with the Christian Herbalist Guild.

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Video Interview with Christian Clinical Herbalist Mindy Capello CHGp

Mindy is trained in functional herbalism, which blends traditional Western Herbalism, honoring traditional plant-based care while recognizing the importance of diet and lifestyle modifications. She uses these modalities alongside herbs, supplements, and functional laboratory testing to address the whole person rather than an isolated set of symptoms or diseases.  Mindy has a heart for burnt-out, stressed-out moms that haven’t been listened to.  She currently specializes in Urinary Tract Health, Digestive Complaints, Autoimmunity, Women’s Menstrual Health, Sleep,  and other chronic and acute ailments. 

When asked about her practice, Mindy commented: “I meet with all new clients for about 1-1.5 hours. I listen to clients and work with them based on their symptoms, not disease. I do an energetics assessment and try to make blends consistent with their constitution.”

Clinical Skills Workshop

When: February 17 & 24, 2024 – 12 pm EST

Where: Zoom (Online)

Register for the Clinical Skills Workshop here >>

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