Keynote Speaker – Vas Avramidis

Teacher and herbalist Vas Avramidis will be the keynote speaker for the First Annual Conference of the Christian Herbalist Guild. Vas will speak twice during the conference.

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Conference Topics

His first talk is titled, “Taking Every Thought Captive – Herbal Medicine as a Mission.” In this talk, Vas will be discussing the importance of having a Christian presence in the fields of herbal medicine. Christianity has always had a strong healing ministry at its core. Vas will be discussing why its important for Christians to take up that healing ministry once again. His talk will also cover topics such as medical freedom, and accessibility to medicine.

The second talk to be delivered by Vas is titled “The Beautiful Communion — the Theology of Healing“. In this talk, Vas will delve into the biblical foundation of healing, and on what it means to be a human person made in the image of God.

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Keynote Speaker Vas Avramidis - Christian Herbalist Guild Conference 2023
Keynote Speaker Vas Avramidis – Christian Herbalist Guild Conference 2023

Who is Vas Avramidis?

Vas Avramidis is the founder of both the School of Christian Herbalism as well as the Christian Herbalist Guild. He is the author of an upcoming book called the Beautiful Communion which will explore the theology of creation, the body, and healing. He is also planning a second book called the Liturgy of Flowers. Vas is preparing to launch a new podcast which will be titled Healing Simplicity — Whole Health, God’s Way.

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