2024 Annual Christian Herbalist Conference Announcement

Our annual conference schedule has just been announced. This year’s Annual Christian Herbalist Conference will take place on August 10th, 2024 via Zoom. The topic for the conference will be: Working with the Whole Person

2024 Annual Christian Herbalist Conference Schedule (Subject to Change):

  • Opening Remarks: Seeing the Whole Person – Vas Avramidis
  • Using a Multilevel Approach in Herbal Medicine – Susan Shires
  • Assessing the Client Part 1- Mindy Capello
  • Are we more than Material Beings – A Case for the Soul – Steven DiSebastian
  • Assessing the Client – Part 2 – Mindy
  • The Vagus Nerve and the Mind Body Link – Vas Avramidis

For more information, click here.

Last year’s conference which focused on Herbal Medicine as Mission, was a great success and received a lot of positive feedback from participants.

In addition to our annual workshop, we are also hosting a workshop on Southern Folk Medicine and Tongue Assessment on July 27th. Read more about that here

Annual Christian Herbalist Conference

The CHG was founded in 2023 as an educational and networking organization for Christian Herbalists and their clients. Thus, the guild is dedicated to promoting and supporting Christians who are interested in herbalism and alternative medicine. The CHG’s primary goal is to promote the professional and safe use of herbs from a Christian perspective.