The Rogue Herbalist Speaking on Running a Retail Herb Business

Charles Riffenburg, the Rogue Herbalist, will be speaking at the Christian Herbalist Conference 2023, on the challenges and joys of running a retail herb business as a Christian and an unabashed speaker of truth.

Retail herb shops and formularies are on the front lines of herbal medicine since they have the most direct contact with the general public. As an award winning herbalist and formulator, Charles places the healing power of medicinal plants in the hands of the people, educating them about the healing plants that God has blessed us with. This mission is not without peril, especially as a Christian, Charles discusses the many challenges he has faced when speaking the truth as an herbalist.  

His talk at this years Christian Herbalist Guild conference 2023 is titled: On the Front Lines: Running a Retail Herb Business

Who is the Rogue Herbalist?

Retail herb business : Christian Herbalist Guild Conference

Charles J. Riffenburg III, the Rogue Herbalist, runs a retail herb business in Vermont. He is an academically trained philosopher and herbalist from the small town of Castleton, Vermont. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy/Religion from Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL. During this time, he managed the herb shop Old City Remedies inside the Nation’s Oldest Drugstore, and also apprenticed at the Healing Waters Clinic & Herb Shop. He gained knowledge of the supplement industry while spending four years as the Area Sales Rep for Nutraceutical Corp.

In addition to his academic training, he is also a student of the East West School of Planetary Herbology and the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism. He has taken numerous classes in nutrition, herbalism, and wildcrafting. In 2015, he won an herbal product award at the International Herb Symposium, and another award in 2017. He is an avid wildcrafter and is committed to promoting the health freedom of all people. In 2018, he launched his herbal product line, and in April 2020, he launched the Rogue Herbalist Academy & Apothecary.

Check out Charles’ retail herbal business online at:

Retail herb business  : Christian Herbalist Guild Conference

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