Christian Herbalist Guild Conference Speaker Topics 2023

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We are pleased to announce the line up of speakers for the 2023 Christian Herbalist Guild Conference. In less than a month we will be hosting our first annual herbal medicine conference. The Christian Herbalist Guild Conference speaker topics are listed below.

Join us as we explore the topic of Herbal Medicine as Mission at the Christian Herbalist Guild 2023 Conference. Be a part of the mission!

Christian Herbalist Guild Conference Speaker Topics 2023

  • Taking Every Thought Captive – Vas Avramidis
    Paul tells us to take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ. The Kingdom of God is an all-encompassing Kingdom that stretches to every facet of life. As Christians we are called and empowered to spread the Kingdom if God into every area of life as we carry the Light of Christ within.  As vessels of grace we are to use all the gifts and talents we have been given to bring Christ to the world, and the world to Christ. 
  • On the Front Lines: Running a Retail Herbal Business – Charles Riffenburg
    Retail herb shops and formularies are on the front lines of herbal medicine since they have the most direct contact with the general public. As an award winning herbalist and formulator, Charles places the healing power of medicinal plants in the hands of the people, educating them about the healing plants that God had blessed us with. This mission is not without peril, especially as a Christian, Charles discusses the many challenges he has faced when speaking the truth as an herbalist.  
  • For the Healing of the Nations: The History of Christian Herbalism – Judson Carroll
    From the genesis of Christianity, the church has made it her mission to bring physical healing to the world in addition to spiritual healing.  Founding the first hospitals and medical missions, Christians have sought to bring comfort and healing to the suffering. In emulation of Christ, members of the church have made it their mission to serve all men and women, pioneering the use of plants as well as prayer as medicine. 
  • Don’t Have a Debate, Have a Discussion – Steven DiSebastian
    As Christian herbalists we face many challenges, both from the world and from the church. Rather than engaging in fruitless debates over Christ and herbal medicine, learn how to engage skeptics in a fruitful and positive way using questions rather than arguments. 
  • Wildcrafting, Foraging, and Biblical Preparedness – Suzanne Shires
    God gave us all the resources we need for nutrition and health.  Learn how to use the plants that God placed in our world for healing and wellness. Discover how the Bible supports preparedness and why it’s important for Christians. 
  • A Beautiful Community: the Theology of Healing – Vas Avramidis
    Why do we get ill? What is God’s ultimate purpose for our lives? Does God care about our bodies? In this discussion Vas will be exploring these deep questions while helping you form a biblical worldview of healing, medicine, and the person. 

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Christian Herbalist Guild Conference speaker topics
Christian Herbalist Guild Conference speaker topics

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